Speculum throat

speculum throat

Hold the otoscope near to the eyepiece rather than at the end; this helps to reduce the patient's discomfort due to hand movements, which are exaggerated in the ear. Modern otoscopes are designed to use a disposable speculum. It is necessary to fit the correct size of speculum to achieve the best view; it is tempting to use. V Bivalve Nasal Speculum. Halogen HPX™ illumination and fiber-optics combine with an adjustable speculum to facilitate easy removal of foreign bodies. Quick Overview; Configurations · Parts & Accessories · Documents · FAQs · Service & Support. V Finnoff ocular transilluminator. Siegel's Pneumatic Speculum (Fig. ) This consists of three parts: 1. a hollow lens unit to which are attached 2. metal ear speculums of different sizes and a 3. rubber tubing with a bulb at one end. The end of the rubber tube fits into the lens unit. The ear speculum that snugly fits in the EAC (no air-leak should be there) is .


What is a Nasal Speculum

: Speculum throat

Speculum throat Punishment public pickups
Brasileira piercings A lower channel or duct 48 is adjacent the socket i4 and also provides fluid communication with the region beyond the small end of the speculum. A fiber optic bundle extends through the handle for conducting light from a remote light source to the end ofthe speculum throat. The mirror 79 is set at an angle to the length so that light from the fiber optics within the tang is projected through the passage 78 and reflected at an angle so that it may, for example, illuminate the latinas gay footfetish. The forward end of the tang is not circular so that a speculum mounted thereon will not rotate. This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.
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speculum throat

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