Great fuck denmark

great fuck denmark

18 Dec Yes it is, according to our critical columnist Kelly Draper, who is tired of her country's internet love affair with Denmark (featured comment). by: Kelly And Denmark was totally on Denmark's best behaviour all evening. A lot of people living in Denmark have written on the internet 'OMG What The Fuck?. The Danish diphthongs [aɪ̯] and [ʌɪ̯] (spelled as ej and øj) correspond to the Norwegian diphthongs (in Oslo pronunciation) [æɪ̯] and [œɥ̯] (spelled as ei and øy). Besides that, a great many letter combinations are pronounced as diphthongs in Danish, but as usual vowel-consonant combinations in Norwegian. 30 Dec [–]skadefryd points points points 1 year ago (32 children). As a perennial sweden player, det håller jag med om. I remember the great old days when everyone would support your bid for independence and you could just steamroll over Denmark, gobble up a bunch of territory, eat up the Baltic. great fuck denmark

Great fuck denmark -

AlocalypseWkerFeb 12, Those were good days. At least for me. All posts must have link flair. The most notable differences are, as already mentioned, the pronunciation of approximants in Danish, corresponding to voiced and voiceless stops in Norwegian and of r as a uvu - pharyngeal approximant in Danish, corresponding to an alveolar trill in East Norwegian skrige"shriek" vs skrike. Odds are very tempting for a big bet. Complete overview of the Denmark vs. Denmark. 2. 5th of November European Championship Match over. Poland. 0. Maps. Best of 3 * Winners will qualify for the LAN Finals Yeah last night they would have lost that game vs ldlc for sure so they decided to blame the ddos but fuck logic right?. Inferno Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. K likes. Fuck yeah! Awesome bar, get some and get some metal! Mahir Catak. · May 4, Carl is a sexy bar bitch. got to love his service and awsome attitude. Love the Awesome cocktails, great vibe and music - if you love "The Army of Darkness" that's your place!. 12 Feb Like someone take that big beautiful landmass away from those fucks already. They don't even know what to do with it. fuck!.

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